Our Guiding Mission is our residents, guests and tenants.

Customer care is at the core of our guiding mission. Regardless of the size or location of your home, we treat all of our residents, guests and tenants with an uncompromising level of attention and service. We are proud to help you enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction and comfort. It's just what we do.

Why FiWi Yaad?

FiWi Yaad was created as a result of the CEO of our parent company "I.O. Systems Limited" discovering the need to manage his property while he outsite of the county. As a result the site created to allow Jamaican Residents, local or oversea, to manage all aspect of home rental in a secure and confident manner.

Is FiWi Yaad services Free?

Most feature will be absolutely free of cost to any user. However, add-on services such background-checks, Collections and Property Care and Maintenance will be offered at a minimum cost.