About Us

FiwiYaad was designed as a online platform to bring together landlords and tenant through a a single accessible medium. The platform, which is completely free, levels the playing field on information to both Tenant, Landlords and Property, with Rental History, Property History and ensure that communication is always maintained. More information on how this works is available at Learn More".

Breif History on FiWiYaad?

FiWiYaad was initially created as a result of one homeowner discovering the need to manage his property, while he outsite of the country, and this work well for a few years. However, over the years, the platform was redesigned with new securities, features and services to now allow any Jamaican Residents, local or oversea, to manage there property and share information between each other in secure and confident manner.

What can you expect from FiwiYaad?

Out team is focus on always being new convienent way of remotely management of your property whether your home or aboard. At current, the list of feature now offered includes:

  • Property History information (for Renters)
  • Rental History for potential Applicant
  • Contract Management, Repair Request, Property Management
  • Online Application, Viewing and Screening for New Tenants
  • Online Listing
  • Email and SMS reminders, alerts and notice for rent, etc
  • Online applicatons
  • Blog Resources on Rentals in Jamaica

NB: Most feature be absolutely free of cost to any user. However, add-on services that are offered through third parties such as Collections and Property Care, Maintenance and Legal to name a few will be done so at the vendors price. Please note thes services are optional and will be label accordingly and will not impact the free services provided by FiwiYaad