What comes with a FiwiYaad Account

Before you proceeding, know this!. FiwiYaad is a free rental property management system for long term rental of residential properties, it is not designed for commerical real estate. With that said:
While basic search, research and browsing can be done without the need for an account. FiwiYaad has three (3) accounts types, design to meet most user needs, these account types are:

  • Tenant Account
  • Landlord Account
  • Property Manager

Get a brief overview of each account type, their benefits and restrictions, but best of are all they are all Completely Free!!!

Tenant Account

The Tenant Account was design with renters in mind. This account type allows users to perform tasks such as : Rental Application, Schedule Booking and reminders, Property Lookup, Property Reviews, Problem Reporting and more. All Tenants account receives realtime notification of each step in any process. Tenant Accounts are not able to submit proptery for rental

Landlord Account

The Landlord Accounts is just as the name states, it was designed for landlords. Landlord are able to post properties online, limited to 3 per account, review prospective tenants, monitor utilities, Management Application and Bookings, receipt processing and more. All Landlord accounts recieved realtime notification.

Property Manager

The Property Manager Account can post unlimited property, however this account type is reserved for commerical use only and comes free with out new Desktop application license under GPL free for downloads/use. You may request a Property Manager Account if you operate a Rental Agency and have a need to manage, research and get all feature of a Business solution for free.

Contact us directly for more information about this Account type

How does FiwiYaad work

There are several components that comes together to provided the rich feature sets offerred by FiwiYaad:

  • Firstly FiwiYaad allows both Tenants and Landlords to freely comment on the experience of a rental relationship at the end of its term. This comment can be made available, After Approval is granted, to other potentially new Tenants or Landlords if needed

  • While FiwiYaad does not collect rent on behave of any individual at this time, it does however allow the creation of a proxy receipt by the Landlord. This recept is made available to Tenant anywhere, anytime and helps to add to payment aspect of the rental history for that tenant. At the end of a occupancy, both the tenant and the landlord will still have thse receipt for history records.

  • By allowing Landlords and Tenants to share experiences during there stay, history information for both party are readyly available, which can be extremely useful in determining previous rental behaviour.

  • Based on Contract/Lease Term information entered into the system, FiwiYaad will automatically send out Communication alerts, notifications and reminders to all parties as needed. These may SMS message that Rent is Due or is Late, New Document Addition, Repair Request or Tenant/Landlord's notice.

  • Properties are advertised online on FiwiYaad based on status of that property. While you can use FiwiYaad.com as your sole source of advertisement, we recommend the more source the better, as per our blog. We advertise and list, but our core feature is the management of the property and the tenants

  • Get independent evalution and checks done by the FiwiYaad Team